Friday, July 25, 2014

Antique Bedding

I have taken my time but I have been gradually going through cabinets and closets, organizing, straightening and purging. The upstairs hall closet, which is very big, was yesterdays task. Wow, the stuff I keep!! I ask myself why? The stuff I keep, some for 12 years since I moved into the current location, has no use that I can now see. Out it goes.
I didn't even know I still had this comforter.  I made it for Peter's big boy bed when Maggie was getting out of the bassinet (actually a drawer out of a dresser) and into the crib.  That would have been 35 years or so ago.

The animal band on the comforter was taken from wallpaper that was in his room.  You can click on the picture to see a bigger viewI sent it to work with G today to give to Peter to keep or toss.  It's about time I got rid of some of the kids stuff.
In that same closet was this bargello quilt I made for Peter's high school graduation.  It was my first and only bargello.  He never took it to college.  I guess quilts aren't as important to some people as they are to others.  That also went to Peter today.

My the label, I can see that it was exactly 19 years ago.  How time flies.


Cindra said...

We moved from our home of 26 years a year ago June. So much STUFF had accumulated. I separated it out and gave it to each of the kids to do with what they wanted. I did want them to show their kids first though. It takes you back going through it all, but I was relieved to not have to make decisions on throwing away.
Love the work you did on the animal strip. Just precious.

Robbie said...

Nice pieces....hope Peter keeps them and passes on. my kids still have a very old, old once in their garage!! both grand kids and I would drag that bugger outside to sit on, play they still use it to kneel on, wrap stuff with it! But they're still using it! Go figure! :)

Gayle from MI said...

I made one from the wall paper in Matte, so room. I hope he hangs on to them. Those grand kids will surely want them if he doesn't. Both are great I think. Never had the patience for bargello.