Monday, July 21, 2014

Apple Pickin'

After ripping out all the bad stitching, we put the apple core quilt back on the long arm.  I worked on this quilt for probably five years, sewing each one by hand.  When I started the arduous task, I also pieced the backing and made the binding.  That was years ago.

The quilt ended up being bigger than the first plan so the backing was no longer large enough,  That called for a trip to JoAnn's.

My sis suggested an apple as a quilting motif , thinking I would dismiss the idea immediately but I loved it and didn't nix it and so we went with the apple and 'apple core' overall design.  There is even a little worm in the design for good measure.

Because I wanted to have the apple core shape on all the outside finished edges, I sewed on a length of muslin around all sides.  Having muslin around the edges would have been fine if I had doubled it but as it was, it was too thin to hold up to the quilt top and so it gave us all kinds of trouble.  

When the quilt top was done and off the machine I removed the muslin (easy to do because I basted it on),

After all was trimmed away I pinned the outside perimeters  in order to attach the 'new' binding.  The original binding wasn't on the bias and I didn't think that would work around the

curves, so I cut out some more.  This was a little more time intensive because I had to pin it on and with binding I rarely do that.  It worked fine though

and now it is almost complete and ready to do all that hand sewing down.  It's been a long time coming.
And to think that this was all because I needed a hand project to do in the car.  What was I thinking?

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maggie z. said...

wow, such a lot of work! who is the lucky reciepient of this masterpiece?? just love all the colors!! maybe for the new house..??