Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Be Silly

Remember I showed you the stuff I bought

at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago?  This book was one of
my terrific purchases.  When I found out that we were gonna have
a half birthday party on the 4th, I needed a gift for Violet and so the night
before we went to Florida I cut out the fused fabric I was gonna use for
the wall hanging for Violet.  My son, his wife and the two little girls  recently moved into
a bigger house and now have a play room so
I thought this would be perfect.  I ironed the eight sayings onto the background
fabric and hand anchored them down.

When I got home I put them together and started pinning the layers for quilting
and realized that all that hand work I did on the letters would be for
nothing if I machine quilted through them.

Can you see the stitching around all the letters?  So, I stole the idea from Robbie,
my BFF, and did some big random hand  quilt stitching.  Each slice of fabric that
I put the words on was  quilted with the same colored thread, so it wouldn't be glaring.

Here is the finished piece.

The yellow 'be silly' isn't showing up on this photo but it does in
person.  Why is that?  Instead of a sleeve on the back

I decided that these covered rings would be more appropriate.  I took
white plastic rings and covered them with rounds of 1/2" fabric and then
secured them with elmers glue and after they were dry, I sewed them on.


Gayle from MI said...

Very nice!

Susan Turney said...

Adorable and a treasure!

Robbie said...

How cute!!! I like the 'hooks' you used instead of a sleeve...