Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BLT And The Light

It seems as tho' we are getting in somewhat of a routine with having a pizza each week. I stocked up on those ultra thin crusts that have a minimum shelf life of six months. It's relatively simple to have the necessary fixings on hand; we always have cheese and bacon and pepperoni so adding a touch of this and that make it the simplest dinner ever. It takes less time than it does to look at a menu and decide what to order in a restaurant.

Gordon takes the standard pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, pepperoni and cheese (mushroom too if I have them).  I like to mix it up.  Last night I made this pizza that doesn't look like much but I wolfed it down in nothing flat.  I used mayonnaise for my sauce and added diced tomatoes, bacon and cheese.  Right out of a 430ยบ oven I covered it with shredded lettuce.  It was amazing.  Maybe it will be a Monday thing, Pizza Monday.

When the air conditioning went on I decided to bundle up under my mega newly quilted quilt and start to tackle the binding.  It's gonna be very time consuming, due to the curves but I have nothing but time.
The binding is all clipped on

and I tried out a gadget that my pal Peggy gave all of us at our last get together.  It's a little light that you velcro around your finger to do close work.  Isn't it adorable?  I ended up putting it on my right thumb (I am left handed) because it shines on the work area perfectly if I do that.  The right hand is always involved, holding the work in place so the left hand can sew.  Cute, huh?


Robbie said...

I tried to find those pizza's here...company said they sell at Dollar Stores! So I'll look sometime...as far as that finger light...you'll need to tell us the name of it! I always struggle with not enough light!!

maggie z. said...

i'm doing the pizza thing too! my fav is fresh mozzerella,proscuito,and arugula on top with crushed red pepper- try it!!oh, and a little of your pesto too.....