Friday, July 11, 2014

Mass Production

First off, I get to go and see the band 'Train' tonight with Micky.

I fell in love with them when they first started out in the late 90's with 'Meet Virginia'.  And I have a thing for the lead singer, Pat Monahan.  I just hope it's not too noisy.

Sorry, Regina came for coffee and it put me back a bit.  I will show you some of what I did yesterday.

I first hit five  gardening department stores, in search for basil plants.  I ended up with six.  I need at least 21.

I got home with the six plants and proceeded to harvest the paltry plants that I have been lovingly keeping alive for six weeks.  I got  24 cups of basil plants out of them.

They are washed and are drying in this picture.  I will process them today.   I put a call into G as to possibly stopping somewhere by work to see if anyone has basil plants.

In the mean time, I got busy and planted my six plants,  with three to a pot because the pots are big.

Then showoff G came home with 20 plants.  I was so happy that I told him to go and hit some golf balls and I would plant the rest.  He did just that.

I feel real good about this second harvest.  Hopefully the big winds and destructive rains have ceased for awhile.

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