Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meet Virginia

The Train concert last night was fantastic.  We were in the second row and had a clear shot of the stage.  Pat Monahan was fantastic.  He wasn't a show, just a fun guy.  He called for people to come up stage and dance, took peoples cell phones for selfies with him and it was pretty amazing.  I have tons of footage of the songs; unfortunately I never acquired the wisdom to know how to download them in the blog.  And another drawback was when you are taking a video of a performance and you are singing along, well, pretty much all you hear coming out of your phone is your own off tune sing alongs.

It was a riot.  Micky and I took selfies too but for some reason I can't down load them either.  I am useless with these phones.  I am so much better with a 35 mm.  Oh well.

We have another wedding this evening.  Our niece is getting married and we couldn't be happier for her.  I am off to get an up do.  Keep you posted!!!

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Robbie said...

When you want to upload from your'll see on the left side in blogger (after you click the 'widget' to load pics), there is an option to upload from your phone. It's automatic from there!!! Easy...same with video's!! Now go do the right thing! Oh wait...that's Dr. Laura's words! :)