Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Kind Of Town

A while back I had lunch with friends in Chicago and sat on Michigan Avenue in outside seating at The Gage.
It was a delightful time and the burgers and wine just hit the spot.  We sat for another hour after lunch was eaten and if you can see what we saw,

all the little specks on the cleared table floated down on the linen.  It was quite a bit and I am surprised that I never noticed it before.  That's Chicago for you. We also hit the architectural tour that is a very big attraction there. It is unique and everytime I have gone I learn something new; I don't remember it tho' so that is why we like to go so often. The new Trump Tower has his lettering on the front of the building and the letters are 10 feet high. Oh, and you can also get a $22 drink on the outside terrace on the 16th floor.

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Robbie said...

A $22 drink? Hmmmm I am cheap! I go for the 99 cent margarita!!