Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pizza Party

We went to a dinner party last night, given by my friend Barb and
her hubby Chuck.  It was a perfect night for just such a get together.
Can you guess what the main course was?  Yep!  Pizza.

Barb is like me and loves her toys.  She has a magnificent outdoor kitchen
complete with her very own commercial pizza oven.  Here she is, using what looks
like a monster big curling iron, to get the fire piping hot.  I think she cooks these
pizzas over 500º.

While Barb was busy with the special from Italy flour dough, we
feasted on stuffed anaheim chilies.  They were stuffed with
turkey sausage and other stuff and they were divine.  She cooked
them in the pizza oven too.

I can't even remember what all was on these pizzas.
This one wass a margarita  pizza, with cheese, tomatoes and basil.

This one had artichoke stems and pistachios.

This one had pear, prosciutto, and brie.  She also made an italian sausage pizza and blueberry
cobbler done in the pizza oven as it was cooling off. The dough is so good that after it is cooked, I just wanted to take off the crust and slather it in butter.  It was that good.   I don't even want to think of the calories.

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Robbie said...

Yum!!! You have some really cool friends!