Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Practical Purchases

I forgot to show you what I purchased from the vendors at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. I didn't hit all the vendors which is a first for me.

I got this book with lots of fun kid stuff in it.
I worked on collecting more iSpy fat quarter for my stash.  These all happen to be food
orientated.  It is fun to collect them.  I think maybe next year the Humane Society will get a
iSpy quilt of cats and dogs and maybe some other small animals too.  That would be fun.

This is the best backing deal ever.  These are 108" wide and three yards long.  All that for $34.98!  That is a great deal.  The shop is a quilt shop fabric warehouse, Bolines LLC in Towanda, Il, which is right next to Bloomington.  That would be a great field trip or even an overnighter.  What do you think?


Robbie said...

my stepson and family live about 35 min. from Bloomington...only problem we never get down that way! Hubby won't take a day off golf to drive the 8 hours to their house...ha
Looks like a good deal on that backing!!
p.s. Kalee doing well and I'm doing well on 'looking at poop'...geeezzzz

Gayle from MI said...

That book looks like great fun. I wish I were as creative as the author. The quilts are so layered with texture. Great deal on the backs. Sounds like a road trip to me