Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking Care Of Leftovers

As is usual I purchased too much of everything for the holiday weekend. Especially fruit.   I hate to waste and there is only so much G and I can eat considering we have to lighten up after consuming our body weight in food last weekend.  So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and become Susie Homemaker and process and freeze the remaining fruits.  I am only  doing three today because I have decided to harvest the first batch of basil today and hopefully find 21 more plants to replace the 'organic' ones we bought a month ago and are pretty pathetic looking now, on their way out.

Let's start with cherries.

 I washed them and then put them in a colander  with a bowl underneath

and put them in the refrigerator to dry completely.  You need to keep the stems on them
until ready to use because it's somewhat of a preservative.  They start to go bad faster without the stems.
Please do invest in a cherry pitter.  They cost less than $4, or at least mine did and

they really really work.  I am planning a pie amount to freeze, letting G munch on the few stragglers left.

My recipe calls for 5 cups of tart cherries so I measure them after they are pitted.

This half sheet pan, lined with parchment has five cups on it.  I freeze it as is and when they are solid
I place them in a freezer bag and put them back in the freezer until I need them.  That will probably be
for the Labor Day weekend when, again, the house will be full and everyone will want to eat something yummy.
I did the same for both red and green grapes.  I washed them, took them off the stem
and dried on a tea towel until dry.  In this weather that doesn't take long.

I placed them on the parchment lined half sheet pan, froze and then bagged.  I know some people like to cut them in half but I don't as yet know how I will use them so I will decide that later.

Now Bella and I will go on the search for basil plants.  I hope it's not too late!

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Robbie said...

Frozen grapes...hmmm never thought about this but seems I've heard of serving frozen grapes somewhere...just don't think to do it myself.