Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Making Of The Cake

This past month of the Food Network Magazine had a 4th of July cake featured in it. Of course, as I always do, I found a couple things in the magazine that merited making. The cake was one of them.

It started with making a white cake in a spring form pan that is laden with royal blue food coloring.  When it is baked and cooled you cut out a 5 inch circle out of the center and discard (or eat) the center circle.  Then the donut shaped blue cake goes into the freezer.
The springform pan is washed and dried and buttered before you put six inch parchment paper extensions around the inside.  Then a layer of raspberry sorbet is put on the bottom and placed in the freezer until solid.  On that goes a layer of vanilla ice cream and that get's frozen.  Repeat those two rows again and freeze after each addition.

After those 4 layers are frozen you place the frozen blue cake on top.  Then, in the 5 inch center you alternate, freezing in between, the sorbet and the ice cream.

This is what it looks like when it is done.  In hind sight I learned a few things along the way to
improve the cake but hell, it's certainly good enough.
It is frosted with sweet whipping cream that is also frozen until it is time to cut the cake.

What do ya think?  The taste?  Just okay, but the red, white and blue theme was the bomb!


Gayle from MI said...

Very cool. Maybe I can con someone into making me one for my birthday next year which will be a big one and is on the 4th!

Ronnie said...

Very cool.

Robbie said...

How cool!!! I don't get Food Network mag anymore...only get Dr. OZ! HA I did make your lemon blueberry! I loved it...my GD ate all her's and so did everyone else...This is a cool cake...wonder how many they made before 'they' got it right! HA