Friday, August 29, 2014

An Early Start on The Long Weekend

The last couple times Violet was here she insisted on an office. The first spot she took over was my computer desk and that didn't turn out so good, according to my computer. So then we moved her to the dining room table, but with her love for sharpie markers and post its,  
I watched as she turned in her chair with an open marker, and pictured purchasing all new dining room chairs due to marker lines on the one chair's fabric.

I solved the problem by going to my friend Amazon Prime and getting her a desk of her own.  My brother Bill wasn't here ten minutes when he assembled it (it took all of five minutes).  The desk top is also a chalk board.  I can't wait until she notices it.
I finally got around to making my two picks from this months FN magazine.  The first one, which we devoured last night was the Tomato Corn Custard Tart.  This is a pick of the pie crust having it's first bake, lined with cooked garbanzo beans as pie weights.

I cut the tomatoes a couple hours early so they could really dry out and not make the tart soggy.

Here it is right out of the oven and
here it is after it rested for a few minutes and was half eaten.  It held together very nicely.  We had it with brats on the grill with grilled onion and toasted buns.  Yum.

Today or tomorrow I will be making my second pic from the magazine, Peach upside down cake.


Robbie said...

I still have black marker streaks on our family room bath door!!! Likes...grand daughter was about 2 or 3...I wouldn't care but she isn't interested in drawing or sewing! So I can't excuse what she did as being talented at an early age!
Your table is perfect for little one!

Gayle from MI said...

Violet will surely love her new desk. I took the cords off my old keyboard, mouse and phone so the kids have everything they need! For a proper work environment. Add a tiny kitchen and some plastic food and they are all in heaven. Even the 12 year old will still play with it. Good investment. The tart looks very yummy!