Sunday, August 10, 2014

Decadent Desserts

We went with some friends to a great restaurant in the casino in New Buffalo, Michigan, the Four Winds. The restaurant is called The CopperRock. It's a bit ostentatious for my taste (changing complete silver after every course, and using decanting contraptions that are as big as I am) but still the food was very good. We started with scallops with foie gras, calamari and crab cakes. Then came beet salad (beautiful and I'm mad I didn't take a picture) and a wedge for me. The main course consisted of fish and filets

Only when dessert came, the camera came out.  This chocolate temple is the
Chocolate Hazelnut Valencia.   There were balls of ganache holding the wafer thin top piece that was chocolate with gold trim.    Four more layers were under those ones and I know for a fact that mousse was one.  The other ones?  Not so sure.

This was the largest piece of carrot cake (which if I had a sweet tooth would be up there on my hit list with creme brûlée) I have ever seen.  See that hand in the background?  That is Gerry's and he is a grown man and no little sissy (or maybe just a little) and his hand is dwarfed by the slice.  The size of the tuile alone  is another hand dwarfed.  Is that a word?  Anyway, he took half the cake home and I heard him in the back seat with a suspicious sound of styrofoam rumblings.  Maybe he saved a bit for breakfast and lunch and dinner today!

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Robbie said...

YUM!!!! Love the chocolate dessert!