Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good To Know

It's the second day that is suspiciously like mid October.  What's up with that?

After years and years of ruining fruit and vegetables in the humidity drawers of the refrigerator, I finally googled it and found out that basically vegetables go for the high humidity and fruits in low. I have ruined more food than I care to admit. I know I won't retain this information but in the mean time I'm gonna see if it works for me. I was getting to the point that I wasn't buying anything ahead of time, even if it fit better into my schedule.

As far as the studio goes
I have finished up the four equal part patterns for my super secret quilt that will eventually be juried.  I need to make the freezer paper pattern pieces and pick the color way but I am taking a bit of time to just do busy work that I don't have to think about.

This is what I am calling busy work.  It will eventually be a quilt to cuddle up with.  The finished top will consist of 1760 two inch squares, color alternating with white.  Not much thinking is involved!


Robbie said...

Not much thinking you say...hmmm with 1760 pieces...that will take some 'thinking'!!! Who knew about the humidity and veggies...I thought I was doing good just putting the little dial in the middle of each of my drawers in frig! Now'll I'll have to rethink what and where I'm putting fruits and veggies!!!

Gayle from MI said...

I like to have a mostly mindless project going at all times. For some reason it helps me with staying on task for the art quilting I do. Aack! My fruits and veggies wind up in the regular part of my fridge because there are just too many to fit in the drawers. Especially in summer.