Saturday, August 23, 2014


All the talk for sometime here has been the weather. Mainly because Micky's middle son Sean is getting married on the beach today. They had a lovely rehearsal dinner last night in the open air decorated with sand and flip flops. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I won't forget it today! There is 40% chance of rain (not so perfect) and a temp of 82ยบ which is perfect. It'll be great anyway!

I finally finished this quilt top consisting of 1760 alternating squares.  It's quite lovely.  It is all pressed and stay stitched so it's just a matter of quilting it.  It is too big to put up on the design wall.

When I found out that we were to go to Philadelphia, I decided to put some wonder under on some fabric and trace the letters (mirror image) on the back with wonder under paper taken off.  I actually did three sets of the same letters.  It's what I do, the school of over due.  I just find it is as easy to do more at one time than do the same thing in six months and have to do all the prep again.  I ironed on the letters and while on the trip I stitched the letters down.  That's where it is right now.  They panels are not sewn together yet.  


Robbie said...

Cute...letter quilt...and 1000+ squares! Yikes! But job well done as usual

maggie z. said...

i love them both!!

Gayle from MI said...

Both are great!