Thursday, August 14, 2014


It seems as though this week has been filled with making appointments here and in Florida.

I have had tons of trouble getting my Embrel delivered.  I  bring this up only because I watched Phil Mickelson  in the top three in a golf tournament on Sunday and he and I are the only ones that I know that take the stuff.  Thankfully I have spare from not being able to take it around the hip replacement or I would be screaming mad. My copay went from nothing to close to $300 bucks a month. After much deliberation, I found another specialty drugstore that was Blue Cross affiliated and hopefully the injections will start being delivered for only $40 copay.  It comes overnight and is always refrigerated.

Other than romantic walks on the beach (not me or G; we tend to watch others do it from our recliners) I have gotten most of half of the big quilt I started a while ago.  Thank goodness for books on tape!

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Gayle from MI said...

That quilt will be lovely when it's quilted. Talking books have really upped my game!