Sunday, August 17, 2014


 This is a group shot of the birthday party we threw for Sue.  She has on the blue top.  We are in Regina's back yard, which just so happens to be a country club.
Just to have a little fun, this is the birthday girl Sue, donning a mask that Regina just happened to have.

Here is Regina.

Here is me.

Here is Laurel.

Here is Barb Mac.

This is June.

Here is Barb Dee.

Here is Kathy.

Here is Micky.

Here is Kimberly, Sue's daughter.

Here is Ryan, Regina's oldest.

No, I take that back, this is Reginas oldest, her husband Bruce.

For some reason, everyone likes quite similar.

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Robbie said...

You all look so young! Even without the mask!