Friday, August 22, 2014

Picture Perfect

Okay, just looking at these two photos I have devised a plan as to 'how to take a picture and look slim' These two chairs were delivered yesterday
and were placed in two different areas of the very same room.  Does it not strike you that
the second photo (with the lake in the window behind it) looks, shall we say, LARGER?

That means, don't ever have your picture taken in front of a lake; or rather, don't be anywhere near water, including bathtubs.


Mike said...

Does Bella like her new chair?

Robbie said...

I stopped getting my picture taken in the tub a long, long, long time ago!!!
Also, jut fyi...when you take a 'face or selfie type pic'...hold the camera above your face...doesn't show the double chins! Really works!!!
Love the chair!!! So Tommy like!

Gayle from MI said...

Love your new chairs!