Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wedding (Part 2)

This is a photo of the tent taken with my iPhone earlier in the day of the wedding of Sean and Brittany. It looks like the airport in Denver!!

The flowers were spectacular.

There were several different arrangements.
This was my favorite.

Not only was there a floor in the tent but there was a massive dance floor too.  The band was fantastic and there had to be ten musicians.
The head table was not occupied as yet when I took this picture.

The first dance was adorable.  I love the bare feet!

The cake was made up of cake pops.

Here is a gathering of the Mother of the Groom and  her pals.

Me kissing G.
More Mother of the Groom and her girlfriends and a guy (our dentist!)


SpikeMuffin said...

Great pic of you and Gordon.

Robbie said...

I love the yellow and what a great looking group!!!!