Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Wedding

Ahhhh, the wedding.  It was overcast all day and at 4 p;m. the rain and thunder started.  The wedding start time was 4:30.  Not good.  We drive down to the beach, set up for a wedding fit for royalty.  The tent must have been a block long.  Anyway, half a block from parking the car we were notified that the wedding was postponed for an hour.  We went to the grocery to get a lighter (one of those long barbeque ones) because one of our hot water tanks was sans a pilot light.  In a suit, G tried his best to get it to reignite but nope, it didn't happen until this morning after watching how to do it on UTube.

Amazingly enough the sky parted and the storm and rain were over.  The seats were wet tho'.  It's not so bad when everyone has a damp tush.

Up first was the groom, Sean, and his mom Micky.  There were a few other in the bridal party but I used my prerogative to screen photos, seeing as I have over a hundred.

This is Braedan, Sean's younger brother.

This is Jordan, Seans older brother.  Both boys were Best Men.
Here is the bride, Brittany and her mother.

I didn't get any good shots of the ceremony because I would have had to get up in the way of others so I stuck with what I had.

No shoes for this bridal party!

Mr. and Mrs. Gallas.  Yeah.  More tomorrow.  This cropping and going through over a hundred pictures is daunting!!

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Robbie said...

I saw the other (current) post the yellow and bare feet!! How cool!