Saturday, August 09, 2014

What's Up Doc?

I have spent lots of the last couple days with my double secret quilt project.  After finishing the design drawing I had to get it to scale because it has to be big.  I decided to split it up into four separate parts, each measuring about 78" wide and 20" high.  I chose this course because I can't quilt a massive quilt anymore (and the long arm is out of the question) so I thought that I could quilt the four separate parts and then hook them together, much as you do in a 'quilt as you go' project.

I got the sizing right and then went to the overhead projector to make transparency patterns.

I then painstakingly took the newsprint paper (free from the newspaper; end rolls) and used painters tape to go around the out side of all four pieces of paper.  That way I can tape it to the window and not ruin the paper taking it off and on.  I have done sections of the paper in the past but with a width so large I decided to take my time and do the entire perimeter.  It will be worth the time it took in the long run.

I then transferred my design onto the paper using the projector and a pencil on my wall.  After doing that for all four patterns, I went over the pencil lines with marker, flipped them to mirror image and numbered the parts, each pattern having a different color of marker, so as to not mix up the pattern pieces.  That is as far as I got.

Now I will have to decide the color way and start the piecing.  I have until March so I feel that I am well on my way.

Remember when I got so very excited to find these

spice holders that stick to the back of cabinet doors?  Not so much.  They don't stay up.  I now have to decide whether to screw them on.  And as someone already said to me, the plastic McCormick spice bottles are light enough weight that they don't stretch out the plastic rings but the glass ones are too big and eventually fall out of the rings.  Live and learn.

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Robbie said...

I had read reviews on the 'container' rings on Amazon, as I was looking for my had same complaint as DIL needs something..bottles either fall on your head or so hidden she doesn't go now what she has. My cabinet, not so much..I have3 tier shelf & apparantely not as many spices! Ha