Sunday, September 14, 2014


It is still cold here. I am not complaining because I would rather put on a sweater than put the air conditioning on. It is supposed to get up into the low 60's and that a good thing because G will not have to golf in his snow suit.  I think he resorted to Gortex yesterday.

Bella is trying to get used to the cool weather but she is a quilt girl at heart so she likes to bundle up.

I  would love  to show you what I look like but you would be so grossed out.  (I took pictures tho').  I have been sporadically treating my face to a frozen vegetable assortment but so far it has varied little.  The thing weird is that it doesn't hurt a drop; it just looks hideous.  We have a wake today and a funeral tomorrow that I will definitely not be attending with G.  I am not even walking the dog.  It's just very temporary but in the interim  I don't want to scare off small children.  As it is, G is having difficulty looking at me.

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Gayle from MI said...

Oh man! So glad it doesn't hurt. I fell through a hole in a dock once and my leg looked horrible but it didn't hurt at all. Maybe we just have a high pain tolerance or something.