Monday, September 15, 2014

Child's Play

Based on this
model in a quilt shop (which you can buy the kit for $100) and then with Peggy bringing this  table fort

last weekend to my house that her boys played in over thirty years ago, I decided to make a card table house.  First up came the urgent call to G to stop at some store on his way home from work to purchase a card table.  Then there was the frantic rush to JoAnns to get the supplies.

My sis and I decided on pre quilted fabric that had fabric on both sides of the batting.  All the other stuff was in my cart and then I realized that the red pre quilted yardage  I wanted didn't have enough on the bolt.  I chose pink felt instead.

I did the two windowed walls last weekend and when my company left I ran to JoAnns for more green felt for the bottom.  That was where it stopped.

This is how the side panels looked (without the green grass) Sunday afternoon.

This is what the inside of the window looks like.

I cut out this grass to put all around the bottom for stability.  I bought drapery weights (the white thing on the grass) and tacked them down at the edge of the grass.

This got pinned on at the bottom of the walls so the weight was just past the bottom of the wall.  The blades of grass are then hand sewn down (tv work).

That is where I kinda dropped the ball.  I know the girls won't be using it any time soon so the rush really wasn't necessary.  Now I am working at it a little each night.  I still haven't decided how to do the front door.  That will be next.

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Robbie said...

How cute!!! Something they'll have for a long time...and I can't wait to see 'grandma' under it too!!