Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Purchasing Power

Pretty much the first thing my sis says when we get together is 'what do you want me to find for you?' This means searching the internet for something that I would have tried to find in between now and the last time we got together.  It is like I save her that job just as I save jobs for my brother Bill to do when he comes to visit.  They like to be busy.

And sure enough there is something I wanted to find and also something that she wanted me to get.  I noticed that I have a crack in my iPad since last weekend and my sis said it wouldn't have broken when it fell ( unbeknownst to me) if I had a cover.  I now have a beautiful cover.

I have no idea why this picture came out pink when it is violet color and not remotely as it was photographed.  Oh, and I went for a stylus too.  These came from Amazon Prime.

I also got these grinders.  I already have one and love it.  It has pepper in it and along with it I am still using the sea salt McCormick grinder bottle from the grocery.  These are Kuhn Rikon brand and I plan on using one here for salt and the other two will go to Florida for the same purpose.  These came from Kohls.  They were cheaper even tho' I had to pay a bit for shipping.  I am a sucker for a bargain.


Robbie said...

I'm intrigued by the salt/pepper shakes...hubby is always complaining ours are too hard to use (purchased at BBB)...I'll check those out next time I'm by a Kohl's...love that you are both Suzie Homemaker and Suzie Saleslady!

Robbie said...

Or maybe that should be Suzie, our Personal Shopper!