Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Summer Fun

I have had a helluva time getting into Blogger. It took me three days to resolve the reason I couldn't access my blog. Long story and a boring story to boot. Little hands on the computer this past weekend may have had something to do with it. I'm just sayin'.

 I have jumped in and made some good headway on the secret project I have committed myself to. It feels to get it rolling. I actually started when my company left on Monday.   I am gonna get back to it in a little bit.  I have my quilter friends coming for three days this weekend and I can work on the designing aspect of a project with distractions so I hope to get the project far enough along to be able to start doing some quilting, which is a no brainer.

Here's a quick look at the holiday weekend.

Charlotte seems to like to wear her hat at all times.  She would be a good addition
to Downton Abbey.  She's a sweetie and a bit of a grunter.  Why say words when a grunt will
do?  She will be 18 months in November so she will probably start with the words by then.

Violet is 3 going on 15.  She is tons of fun and never stops!

Chai was sick the day before she got here but made a speedy recovery.  She has a nose full of
sand in this picture.
There was lots of water and sand sporting going on.  Evan is in the water and Maggie and Violet are on the Lily Pad with a very large tube on it as well.  I don't know why; I just watch.


Irene Puzinas said...

Charlotte is just a doll with gorgeous eyes! That picture of Chi reminds me of Ben when we went to PEI - I'm sure the car rental company are still trying to get the sand out of that car!

Robbie said...

Talk about a mini me!! Or should I say Mini Tommy!! It is Charlotte for sure!!! Adorable!

Are others taking our weekend spot with you!!! My sis' surgery keeps changing..geeez...