Friday, September 19, 2014


I was on an eating jag earlier this week and decided to make a decadent meal. I decided on chicken stuffed with a dressing including pistachios and pork (not bad eh?)
that gets browned in a skillet and then finished off in a wine and mushroom reduction in the oven.  The side was cream laden potatoes au gratin.  Ten minutes into the 40 minutes in the oven and that particular appliance decided to no longer work.  Yikes.  The repair man is coming today.  We finished off the cooking on the grill but it wasn't the same.  Now I no longer want to eat.   Ha ha!  Just kidding.

The dead line for the 12 inch exchange is quickly coming.  I haven't started mine yet (today is the day!) but I received mine from Gayle because even though she has a full time job and lots of community things she is involved in, along with a big family, she managed to get her's done and in the mail.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I keep looking at it.  the colorful strips are made up from a bunch of fat eighth's of silk she bought years ago.  My favorite part is the quilting on the left side.  Very ingenious.

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Robbie said...

I love my block from Gayle as well. I'm mailing my blocks out next week..but where do I send to you? Email which have so many! Oh, side note...guess who broke a rib just by bending over to pick up neighbors dog! UGH!!! Talk about brittle bones...hurts like 'he_l'!