Monday, September 08, 2014

The Business Of Quilting

The girls were very busy this weekend. Except for stopping a couple times a day to regain our strength, we plowed through projects. This is just a fraction of the things that were worked on this past weekend. As is per usual, my work is a double secret and therefore I can't share it with you under penalty of death. One day I can show you.

Jean Ann did this quilt in completion (as far as she had supplies to do it) for her grand daughter.

Then she changed tactics and worked on something for one of the grandsons.  Check out her lovely arm.

This is a start to something that Peggy started.  Ignore the other two quilts under the triangular start to a lovely quilt.  We were too lazy to clear the design wall in between showings.

Peggy also framed this panel of Mickey with piano key borders.

She once again brought her little 9 patch squares to work on.  Each of those little squares comprised of nine squares measure 1/2 inch completed.  Yikes!

Anne really needed this break from home life as she has a lot on her plate and needed girl time.  She finished up the borders on this triangle quilt.

She also worked on these linear blocks

and somehow managed to sew all these two inch blocks together.

Mike cut out and pieced most of this black, white and grey piece for a fund raiser to be raffled off when it is complete.

She also finished making and tearing off the backing paper of these paper pieced dogs she made for her favorite dog, Chai, who ate 12 cookies and spanish peanuts on Friday night and was not feeling all too well for the remainder of the weekend.  Oh well.

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