Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Perfect Bichon

This is too funny. I wasn't even gonna blog until I came back from taking Bella to the groomers due to the lateness of the morning already (spelt in) but I got to thinking. For the last few months I have not been crazy about the cut job they have been doing on her and it's the same place she has been going to for her whole life (when in Indiana),

She has a Kardashian butt and the hair is longer on her legs than on her body. Also, she has this weird beard. Anyway I thought I would google bichon cuts and there were a million, many of which were worse than Bella's because I like the straight thick legs rather than the tapered ones so many dogs have. And then I fell in love.

This bichon ended up being too perfect and ya know why?  It's made out of felt!!!!  Don't even have to feed or water her!

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Robbie said...

Just adorable. I have the best groomer in Florida! She's great!!! Kalee always looks so much like a 'prize' Bichon...although, in Michigan we think she's still cute..except not a prize Bichon...just last place..but we love her anyway.