Saturday, September 20, 2014

Travel Tools

Last week when my friends and I visited a quilt store, we noticed a pattern for a pillow. It was seven bucks. It was in essence a pillow cover with a handle and a pocket. I loved the idea of it; I always travel with a pillow to set in my lap to house whatever parts to a project I am working on. The pocket idea appealed to me but not the price of the pattern. So when I got home I got out my traveling pillow and made it anew.

Now I am even considering adding a little pocket that can be closed with velcro on the front of the big pocket and maybe a little pin cushion and a ribbon for scissors? Hummmmmm.


Synthia said...

Terrific ideas for your pillow. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!! I think I'll need to copy you. (grin)

Robbie said...

Adorable...just like you!!! :)

yes, I'm a suck up...just not sure what I'm sucking up for...but I'll think of something.