Friday, October 10, 2014

12 inch Wall

I have already had the very adorable firemen and truck at my house. I have one of those digital displays plugged in on the sink counter of my laundry room and it seemed to have no purpose. I unplugged it and the alarm went off. I immediately put in my code and the alarm stopped but it didn't stop dispatch. Oh well, they were easy on the eye and very sweet.

Today I have two girls coming to check out me and the house for possible housekeeper position (once a week; that last statement sounded much too Downton Abbey!) I also have a guy coming to move cable where I actually want it.

I spent my time, or at least most of a day, putting up my 12 inch blocks that I have exchanged
over the last couple years.  It isn't as difficult to hang as you would think; you just have to step back after placing each one, mainly because they aren't all the same size and the sides are not necessarily square.  They are hooked to the wall with sewing machine needles. Only the top row has needles in the top and bottom.  I ran out of needles and went to two Walmarts to find the 10 pack of needles for a couple bucks.  Neither of the stores had them so I am guessing that they discontinued them.  I will have to find them cheaper than three or four for five bucks before I secure the rest down on the bottom.

I will have to wait until I have more to add evenly on both sides.  These are left over but they were not rejected by any means.  The wall configuration was completely random.

This precious one from my friend Pam is too small and gets a place of honor all on it's own.
Nysha's is a little too big and therefore, it will also go to a place of honor.  Hey, do you think they planned it that way?  Something to think about.


Susan Turney said...

I'm so glad you're back to posting. You always make me laugh and that's a good thing early in the morning. I hope we get to see the new house and studio.

Robbie said...

The blocks look great!!! Wish I had a big wall to hang mine 'book' will have to do! Looks like you are settling in...some folks will do anything for a little 'eye candy'! Yea...didn't know it was an alarm! Right! :+)