Thursday, October 02, 2014

Another Day

It is very hectic here at home and I just got back from both Florida and California. We are getting all new doors and windows in the next week and paint colors need to be decided on and what repairs to do, yada yada yada. I am exhausted and I leave for Florida on Saturday! There is no way in hell I am staying here while the house is completely trashed. Calgon, take me away!!!!

We had a great time in the San Fran area of California for five days. The weather was grand and the friends were even better. It was a whirl wind trip considering the airline debacle. I'll share all we did with you but it needs to be in stages. Other things are taking up my time. We went to a place called DiRosa Preserve, which is a former winery in Napa Valley that is now a wonderful art gallery, indoor and out, with over 1600 works of art by California artists.
We had a tour of the place and it took hours.  As you enter the parking lot there are all these wooden sheep grazing on the hillside.

This colorful beauty is right next to the entrance door as are
these staged wooden row boats.  The first place you enter is the place to pay and a gift shop.  Then there is a gallery that is not permanent and changes artists and art work periodically.  Then you enter the vast acres with

crazy wonderful works of art.   More later.  I got a worker guy coming up the walk!


Robbie said...

Is worker guy like the "old fashion" pool boy??

Gayle from MI said...

I wish I had a worker guy...