Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Around The House

My day today is very weird. The whole schedule of things got away from me. I went for my power walk in way too hot of weather, me thinking it was much earlier in the morning than it actually was.  I was literally sick and had to lay down for several minutes to get to feeling normal.
I unpacked some packages that I had ordered and hadn't dealt with yet.  This was in one of the boxes.  It is a basket of sorts made out of the wood from a wine barrel (red wine due to the stained color) and the rim of metal that holds the barrel together is the handle.  I saw it at our friends house in San Fran and had to have one.  It's quite big and my island is considerably smaller than theirs was but I made it work.  So much for using the island for cooking!

The internet was on the fritz until now.  Gordon is at my dental appointment because I can't have my teeth cleaned or any dental procedure at all without taking antibiotics due to the hip replacement.  My script never made it to Walgreens.  Fortunately, I won't have to wait long as I am taking G's appointment next Monday.

I ordered two area rugs out of very fun yarn that kinda dances.  There was to have been two rugs delivered today from Rugs As Art but one is back ordered because of it's size of 9 x 13.

It is very pretty.

The living room lies in wait for it's rug.  I have already given the rug that was there to the woman who fixed some broken blinds and so I just have the rug pad

which doesn't look very good but it will be here within the next two weeks so it will have to do.  The pillows will go well with the area rug.

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Robbie said...

I do so enjoy coming to Tommy's Decorating Time'!! Oh, I finally picked up those salt and pepper shakers you showed on your blog awhile back. SO, SO easy on the hands! Hubby loves them!