Sunday, October 12, 2014

Caffeine Buzz

Well. yesterdays gathering on Club Day of all sorts of groups, like the Angler's Club, Empty Nesters, Republicans, Democrats, The Italian Club, The Garden Club, the Women's Club and the Creative Arts Club was a big success. I went as soon as it opened so I could get a parking place and within a half hour joined the Women's Club and The Creative Arts Club. That makes three things I have joined since my move in the spring. I feel like a grownup! While in California I discovered a new coffee pod that I love. It's called Good Morning from Boyds.  I think I like it as much or more than my standard Dunkin Donuts coffee.  The only thing is, first thing in the morning I am not crazy about cutting open the pouch it comes in.  I am sure there is a good reason to
preserve it in this manner but trying to get coffee while Bella is pacing at the front door to go for her first walk,  I have chosen to go with the Dunkin first thing, and then

use the Boyds for the next cup which is made much more leisurely.  As you can see from the pods, the Boyds is just a gauzy container for the grounds where as most pods, like Dunkin get a poke in plastic to get to the grounds.  I'll bet it matters when the pods aren't real fresh.  Anyway, check out Boyds.  You'll be happy you did.

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Robbie said...

Now Boyd's coffee? Hmmmm never heard of this one...

So...are you in the Villages???