Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Kinda Town

Let's talk Chicago politics.  They made over 340 million dollars in fines, forfeitures and penalties.  Sales tax came in around 610 million.  The city's share of income tax came in at close to 300 million dollars.  Utility and cable tax came out to being around $475 mil.  Real estate and transfer fees came pretty close to $300 million.

The normal time that the yellow light is on (a traffic light) between red and green is 3 seconds.   At one intersection they changed the time to 2.9 seconds for a undisclosed period of time.  The increase of revenue for that particular stop light was 7.7 million dollars.  They discontinued the decrease in yellow light but as yet haven't decided as to refunding the money (I guess it was kinda illegal) to those people that got caught in the trap.  The fact that they can even have the option of deciding is unbelievable.

No wonder the flowers on Michigan Avenue look well tended.

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