Monday, October 13, 2014

Pig Out In Berkley

Exciting day so far. New guts for master bath toilet and a new garbage disposal. Things are looking up! I wanna take you on the Gourmet Ghetto tour that G and I took with our friends in Berkley, California. It was a great day. We had a guide and started the tour

at a cheese and pizza communal shop.
We had two different cheese spreads, one with cheddar and a kick and one that was similar to bourisin and sour dough bread and a multi topping bread.  We then headed over

 Saul's deli where we first had a
celery fiz (not so good as you can imagine) and a great array of different pickles (no picture) and a

fantastic corned beef sandwich.  The bread came from the Acme Bread
We next visited the very first Peets Coffee location.
We tried various coffees and got the skinny on the Peets franchise.

This was our tour guide.  She was very interesting.
Click on this picture to see the prices back in the day.
Here we have a pretty typical Berkley resident.
Soop was up next..

All they sell is soup.
We had some sort of gourd thai soup that was really good.

We went to a chocolatier and got the scoop on what makes good chocolate.

It was pretty to look at but lost to me because I don't like dark chocolate.

The chocolate come only from one island off of Africa.

We found out the difference between gelato, ice cream, granita and all other things cold.

We could have a taste of any we wanted and then got

good sized scoop.
We checked out the menu at Chez Panisse, the Alice Waters restaurant where lots of famous chefs started out.  I had lunch there a few years ago.

We stopped off at Gregorie and had these potato

cheese balls.  We were starting to get a little full as you can imagine.
The butcher shop was next to last.  The sandwich

was wonderful but I don't think anyone but G finished it.

I had to have a picture of this.
They have a back window into the cooler.

They deal with the whole animal.  They are full of offal.
Last was a wine shop.  We sampled a old grape zinfindel which I didn't care for at all.

I liked the pig on this bottle and the twist cap.

I took this picture because the lid is like an old soda bottle.
This is what the outside of the wine store looks like.  Ya coulda fooled me.

End of tour.

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Robbie said...

I love Peet's coffee! I bought my first box in Florida and buy it here at Meijer's. The prices from 'way back' were funny!LOVE dark chocolate too. I could have eaten your share.....I keep "asking" you to adopt me!!!