Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Musings

I just ordered a Murphy for the upstairs media room.  There are only two guest rooms so I will sacrifice the master when need be and park my bottom in the studio.  It's got a bath, a frig and an office, none of which are done yet.

I also hired a housekeeper that does laundry, dog sits, house sits, does light landscaping and cleans!  Can I beat that?  I will never have to lift a finger again.

G just called; Comcast is at the house and we now have internet.  Nineteen days without it.

Check out these fabulous coasters I got at Target for ten bucks!  They are gorgeous glass and have

these anti slide things on the bottom that you can't see from the top.  Go get yourself some.
The last fish that was caught before G and his brother headed home from Wisconsin was a muskie and measured in at 40 some inches (can't remember what he told me).

Shortly I am going to attend a Club Day get together.  More than 45 clubs are represented and you can check them out.  This should be interesting.

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Robbie said... sewing, golfing, exercise, etc.? Are you now in a community? Love the coasters...was wondering if they would slide...