Sunday, October 19, 2014

Up And At 'Em

We got up this morning and decided to walk right away instead of our habit of doing it right before dinner. We also got the weight training out of the way too. We no longer have our own workout room so we have to actually
get dressed in case someone else is at the workout place.  I even have to buy more workout clothes as I can't just keep on the dress I had on when I did it at home.

I had my phone with me yesterday, while there as I was waiting for the carpet guy to call so I took a couple pictures of the facility inside and the view

from the windows looking out to a couple different

pools.  This is as close to having my own pool as I want.  It's a beautiful facility and this all comes with the membership to three golf courses.


Susan Turney said...

It looks fabulous. It reminds me a lot of our facilities here at Sun City Anthem in Las Vegas. I really have to start using them!

Robbie said...

Great you are making good use of all the facilities. And you would be one sexy lady with all your exercising!!