Thursday, October 09, 2014

What's Going On

My day so far? I was out of the house and on the road at 7:30 so I could go to Lowes for some plants, a garbage can and a few other things and still be able to take my Bella (the dog who I would rather take her with me than kiss her gobye; my dad said that about my mom, believe it or not!) It's gonna be 90ยบ today and too hot for taking a dog along. Now, I come home to realize that the phone is not completely up and running because I can't get any calls in or any messages. I have been on the phone (on hold) with Bright House ( Comcast's kissing cousin, as far as incompetence is) for 29:09 minutes in an effort to get the problem fixed. I will probably have to hire the private communications guy I had to hire on Tuesday to get any service at all. It is so frustrating!!!!

Happy birthday to my brother Bill.

Gordon was driving home from Wisconsin last night after several days of fishing with his brother and first cousins. He called me and told me to go out side and look at the moon.

This is what I saw.  Thought I would share.
This is Bella snoozing under the gaze of the full moon.  A good segue to that would be Bella making herself comfortable in the guest room at Melody and Dave Johnson's new home in Tennessee.

She will find any piece of discarded clothing of mine (in this case, a light weight jacket) and fall immediately asleep.  We had a wonderful visit (Mel, Dave and Me) and the dogs (Chumley and Tony) enjoyed Bella.
The camera was in my overnight bag and so only enjoyed a brief moment of activity while I was in bed.  Here is my lovely spread.

This is the last picture I took from my desk last week before I headed south.  It looks better than it was.

Oh, now the hold time is up to 53:12 minutes!!!! Yeah, I love technology!

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