Monday, November 17, 2014

Finishing Touch

I finished up part of this bedroom (I think it's yours). I decided to have unmade beds while there is no company and wash and make the bed as someone comes to visit. I think that's a better way to do it. The pillows are also stored in the closet until time to use and that makes the bed look kinda skimpily


I may have to do something about that. This is the comforter and shams that I painted,  The shams were originally only grey and white.  We were waiting on the new carpeting before we did much to the rooms.  We knew we would probably be the only one's here until after Christmas.

I finished covering mu two 4 x 8 design walls with flannel.  I have a few more things to wrap up before I go home tomorrow.  Then the holiday cooking will start.  I am not looking forward to the snow but I am very anxious for the total rehaul of our house on the lake.  Just in time.


Robbie said...

Safe travels my friend...and I do like "my room"! Although, I liked my room in Michigan very much too!! Hope I get invited back to it next year!!!

Claudia said...

That is my least for a few days in Feb.