Saturday, November 01, 2014

Our Stash

Okay, so the hype on kids in the neighborhood was a little over the top. The trick or treating started at 5:30 and our flurry started at 8:15. By flurry I mean Bella started barking so loud that my head was swimming. Apparently, it had the same effect of the treaters because before I got to the door, they were almost out of the driveway. I begged them to come back and thankfully, even with a barking dog, they came back. They got one of each of the full-sized candy bars and were pretty much in awe of our generosity. Little did they know that they were doing us a favor by making the eating of 90 candy bars a little easier. Here they are. I believe this is a combo of star wars and the brats.

This ;ittle chick is a girl magnet of a fairy, princess and unlike up north, they didn't need a snow suit and long underwear to go out.  They were apparently very happy to have returned to our door.  

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Robbie said...

We only had 177 last night...even with the wind, cold and drizzle! Kids don't care what the weather is...their reward is the candy!!