Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post Fix Up

It is overwhelming to think of what went on at my house in the last five weeks. The wind was up to sixty miles an hour and all the windows and doors (except a few that were already new) which count well over fifty were replaced. To get the old ones out the cuts were six to eight inches around the outside so when the window was out and the new one was put in, the perimeter had to be replaced, inside and outside. That in itself is hard to digest.
All the windows that went all the way down to the deck were lifted up a foot, as this photo shows.  The  water damage we have had to incur in the bouts of wind driven rain are a constant battle and this will hopefully help in that regard.

Bad, bad photo but the main level of the house has built in blinds.  Not between two panes of glass but in front on their own fitting and as my pic shows, they can completely cover the window or go up, down or anywhere in between.  They are the bomb.  The windows are Marvin and I think the guy told me that they have a patent on these.  I have been slowly taking off the syran wrap that holds them in place, taking off the multitude of stickers (why?) and sitting down to rest.

My new car comes today.  Yeah, I know that I already have a new car (since Feb) but I don't like it so I am having the same car (only six years newer) that I had before delivered and the guy is gonna show me stuff, all of which I do not retain, and he will leave the car and take the other one back.  Life is good.

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Tee said...

Get the stickers off as soon as possible, as the longer they sit in the sun, the harder they are to get off.

Be careful when you are pulling the blinds up and down, just go slow. They work on a magnet and if the magnet gives way, you will not be able to move the blind anymore.

Both bits of advice based on experience...Grrr....