Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday Stuff (Yeah, That Was Yesterday)

I was pretty much over the moon when I went to my first meeting (or more of a get together) of the Modern Quilt Guild yesterday. It is absolutely what I wanted. I am not a 'meeting'person and this is nothing like I am used to with groups. It was very laid back with little time spent on minutes and finances and all that. It meets the third Saturday of the month (the only drawback is the use of a Saturday in the middle of the day) and I will get used to that. This group is relatively new, having been founded in 2009 in Los Angeles and there is now over 100 guilds around the world. I am lucky enough to spend half my time about five miles from one of those.  I loved everyone I met.  Yeah!

Finally, after waiting for six weeks, my special order area rug was delivered.  It is the same as the one
across the room that is called the dining room (I don't make this stuff up) and I no longer am living with just a rug pad and a deconstructed cocktail table.  This is Bella's hang out (she can see outside from the arms of the couches) so we wanted it to be just right.

We have three more days before we have to join the throngs up north tromping through the snow!

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Gayle from MI said...

It's fun to find a group that is a good fit. I have two such groups that I belong to right now. Have fun!