Friday, November 28, 2014

The Aftermath

This picture of Bella and her surroundings pretty much sums up the state my everyday life is in since returning north.  This photo is taken with me in the house with the front door open to check out the happenings on Thanksgiving morning.


First off, snow.  That in itself is an irritant.

Next my gate, consisting of two tables.  While all the construction was taking place, the gate was removed for grinding and powder coating (it's steel).  Well, it's still gone and we don't want the wee one to run out into the street, right?

Then there is the grill of a car that Bella is looking at.  It is the heating guy, here again after two earlier visits, one the day before Thanksgiving and the last being on Thanksgiving.  Just under $700 for less than a day of heat in the studio.

The family feast was much more rewarding.  It was a smaller group than we sometimes have because all our kids are getting married and we have to share the holidays with their spouses.  Even my Maggie and her hubby Evan are in Baltimore.  But then, we get 'em for Christmas which is my FAVORITE holiday of the year.

My sister should be arriving here momentarily for the weekend.  We will be making another Thanksgiving turkey and the fix-ins today.  I also have the two carcasses from my sister in laws that I will set to making chicken stock with.

Our friends Jayne and Rich are coming for a sleepover this weekend too.  We will be doing some crafting and the guys will be doing the football thing.

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