Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Want A Wonton?

When it was cold a couple days ago I decided that what I would like is some homemade wonton soup. I went shopping and got all the ingredients and after bringing them home and doing all the chopping prep (shitake, bok choy, bamboo sprouts, scallions, ginger and garlic) I decided I was too tired and refrigerated them all for a later date. So, when I realized the temp was back in the eighties I decided that it wouldn't do to put off the production and so last night I dug in and made ninety or so wontons and finished up the stock and served it up for dinner.  It was mighty good and I have dinner for at least three nights in the freezer.

I freeze the wontons (uncooked) on a sheet pan and when the soup is room temp I put it in freezer containers and drop five or six wontons in it and label and freeze.  To me, just making a dinner, if it isn't a baked potato and a steak, is to labor intensive.  I want to see something left over when I have put in all the work.

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