Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Cards

I just talked to my sister and she said I sounded like Lauren Bacall. That's not good. I feel fine but it is ten in the morning and I should have gotten rid of the sleep voice, considering I have showered brushed, flossed, used my inhaler and drank two cups of coffee. Stay away from me.

Let's talk Christmas cards. I am thrilled that everyone hasn't given up the ritual like I have. I love to get them; not so crazy about the 'LETTER' enclosed but other than the fact that I accidentally on purpose drop the 'LETTER' in the trash, the cards are great. I had to get rid of a couple holiday tasks, finding that I could no longer get it all done in the fashion that I wanted to, so card sending took the bath.
I did however, help my sis to assemble her cards this year.

I suggested going down to one 'ho' versus three to save time but she was having none of that.  Pretty cute wouldn't you say?

And then there are the photo cards.  They are sent to me on purpose

because there is no way in hell that I can throw them away after the holidays are over.  I have every kids picture since birth saved.   Saved for what I do not know.  Look at sweet Kalee, trying to one up Santa.  I think she wins!!!!


maggie z. said...

yes, LOVE mike's card...i too have given up the mountain of card sending...sad, but so many other more necessary things to do! merry christmas to all!!

Robbie said...

HI, Aunt Tommy! Mom said my picture was on your blog...had to see for myself! I really like to look at myself but I'm not able to get close to mirrors in our house (mom won't let me on the counter in the bathrooms). Happy Holidays to Bella too!!! Mom said I would have liked visiting with her last year...but guess I'll have to wait for another invite!