Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Cranberry BBQ Turkey Sliders

I saw a show on Food Network last week where Giada made three things out of Thanksgiving leftovers.  One was a stuffing cake served with an egg on top and then hollandaise, the second was turkey shepards pie and the third was cranberry bbq sliders with apple slaw.  I had a chance to make the sliders and along with my company and the neighbors we got to enjoy some leftovers in a new way.

It consists of cooking down fresh cranberries with maple syrup, a cinnamon stick and the juice and zest of an orange.  That is heated and mixed with turkey pieces and heated up.

It is topped with a slaw of match stick granny smiths and celery (I also added jicama) and tossed in a dijon vinaigrette.
I toasted some potato rolls after hollowing out some of the bread on top and bottom inside to make room for the ingredients.
They were a big hit.  I served them with prosecco and ruby red grapefruit juice and some kettle chips.
This coming weekend I have more guests so I am gonna make the dressing cakes with hollandaise and egg for a breakfast or lunch; probably lunch.

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Susan Turney said...

Yum! The eggs sound fabulous! Can't wait to hear.