Monday, December 15, 2014

Girl's Weekend

This is gonna be a stripped down tally of my trip to Chicago with Mike and Martha.  I just made a list of what I need to do today and it's got seven time consuming things on it and I do hate to let myself down.

This is my first selfie on my new camera, which is a bit big and unwieldy  for me still.  We were in a store, enjoying the Christmas decorations.

As usual, Michigan Avenue was festooned with beautiful arrangements.  We did a bit of Christmas shopping and then hit Crate and Barrel which was so crowded we couldn't get around at all.

We did manage to see this adorable tree collar which you use instead of a tree skirt to conceal the tree stand.  I need to get one of those in the future.

Next up we went to Mario Batali's Eataly.  It was massive and not at all what I thought it would be.  It's sections of food stuffs that are very specifically contained, like meat, fish, pasta, cheese, wine, dairy etc and beautifully arranged.  It had no brand names at all.  There were tons of places to eat, both as in restaurants and quick food court eating, and deli stand up eating.  What we really wanted to do is get a glass of wine

from the wine bar and walk around drinking it, as I heard you could do.  And so we did.

I was intrigued  with the idea but it's difficult to hold your purse, coat, any packages and a glass of wine and still put your hand on something to look at. Here is Martha and me looking over cookbooks while drinking heavily.

The produce was more captivating than anything I have ever seen in a quilt store.

It was simply gorgeous.
The sections were lined up next to each other.  My favorite was this one that except for the bottom row was all mushrooms, much that I have never heard of.  I want the whole group of rooms for Christmas.

In fact, this would make a lovely group quilt.  Hummm.

The purple and yellow/gold cauliflower got our attention.

Then on to the most crowded place on the planet, Grand Luxe, for beignets.  We had the beignets and they were fantastic, but I never took a picture of them.

I did take pics of the other food we sampled there, including these Asian nachos,
pot roast fries, and

double stuffed (with potatoes) spring rolls.

We did tons of other stuff, including more eating, and then settled down to our hotel for the night after checking out the light display on all the store fronts.

We had breakfast and went our separate ways, all of us having somewhere else to go.  I met up with my children and grand girls for lunch after Hansel and Gretel childrens play followed by a little play time at the Lego store before we all separated once again to go our directions.  It was a great weekend.