Thursday, December 04, 2014

Jayne's Cards

While my pal Jayne was visiting she wanted to learn how to use all the gadgets that we (Mike and I)  use to make cards.  She also wanted a start on a hostess gift she was giving for a brunch this coming weekend.

We assembled all but the last two cards before hand because we felt that we wouldn't have time to do it all, teaching as we went.  Here are the first eight packs of ten cards we made the first card to show what it would look like and then the various parts that make it up.

This dress is cut out of card stock and bends at the shoulder.  the buttons are added with a glue dot and the ribbon is held in placd with double sided tape.  The curly bottom and sleeve was done with a zig zag blade on a rotary cutter.

The blue onesie is done the same way but the front flap was embossed.  The bone buttons are held in place with glue dots.

These lady bugs for the happy birthday already are sticky.  The black ribbon is attached with double sided tape.  Happy Birthday is a stamp.

The Fall Colors is a stamp with the tree included.  The five little leaves give it a lot of dimension and are held in place with a glue dot.  All the multi layering of card stock is double sided taped down.

These very lovely flowers came as is with a decal on the back of it and three layers of card stock detail. The ribbon lays down flat with double sided tape.

The stripe is a panel of printed card stock on a plain white card.  The thank you is a stamp.  Double card stock make up the background for the flip flops that are self sticking.

The packages are just colored card stock taped down on a couple layers of card stock and bound with ribbon.

The windmills are made of double sided print card stock.  They are held in place with a brad.

These last two were completely assembled with Jayne to show her the process and to teach her how to use the Cricut.

Multi layering of card stock on a white card is the background for the various leaves we cut from the cricut.  We showed Jayne how to use the Xyron glueing machines.

We cut out the black eyed susan on the circut and added a black background and a green strip of card stock.

We had tons of fun.  Like it was when I was a little girl; I would rather make the paper dolls and clothes than play with them!!!


Claudia said...

One of my favorite crafts to do. Actually the only one I can do with my two crafty SIL's.
And remember "if you want just one Ho, you can have just one Ho"

Robbie said...

Oh, Martha...I mean are so talented!