Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nice Pedicure!

I had the feeling that Blogger wouldn't let me in today like it wouldn't yesterday.  Even after repeatedly rebooting, the little capital B in the corner wouldn't budge.  But this morning after the first reboot, it let me in.  Yeah.

A couple things; first and most important (yesterdays blog that was to be) is the fact that  most Dunkin Donut stores in the midwest are run by people of Indian heritage.  What is most surprising is that the people in India, and New Delhi in particular do not like donuts.  The U.S.  based chain has had to reconfigure their whole menu to cater to the tastes of the people.  They now have almost as many burger choices as the McDonalds in India, which both have beef free burgers.  Okay, that sums up a rather long one sided discussion on the topic.

I have occasionally asked G what such and such cost- like my hip replacement and he says he has no clue.  The insurance is taken care of by our business and except if I spent an inhuman amount of money in a very short time (say one hour) I am never questioned by what things cost.  That's not to say that I ever take advantage.  That just wouldn't be right, right?  Anyway, back on task.  Yesterday G came home with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield copay form and he said to me that I want to know what things cost so what was almost $8000 that I spent at the local hospital a couple days before Thanksgiving.  Short of having some sort of surgery, I couldn't think of what could cost so much.  I immediately thought that someone was using our insurance card.  Then I went to my calendar and there it was, a Prolia injection that takes about five minutes that I have twice a year for bone density.  Now I know why they are so happy to see me; they don't see me, they see dollar signs!!!  I would have thought $500 was too much.  No wonder why we don't ask the cost; we don't want to know!

We have the annual Christmas Club party tonight.  We have only missed it once in thirty some years
and that's been so long that I don't even remember why.  It's always a good time but this year we will be short a couple at our table due to an unfortunate accident involving a half wall and bare feet.

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Robbie said...

Yikes! I'm taking it's not your foot?? So sorry to whoever that foot is attached to...just glad it's not on my leg!