Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not So Sunny Florida; It's Grey Like Up North

We did not have a good trip to Florida.  It took us several more hours than normal.  It may have been because it was so close to New Year's Eve because, except for Violets first birthday, we always leave a day or two after Christmas.  Then there was rain; not a lot and certainly not the kind that makes you pull off the highway until it subsides.  Just a bit of light rain and lots of old people heading south (two being in my car!).  We arrived to darkness that I don't think I have ever done before, especially considering that we live a good hour closer to Chicago.

We have a bit of a punch list for all the major work we had done in the fall while we were enjoying the new house in Florida.  I had a rough draft of it but wanted the jobs to be in an order, for the electrician, the painter, etc, you get the drift.  It was so sunny mid day Tuesday that I could no longer knit or read and so I tried to use G, the driver of the car, to help me phrase the jobs appropriately in Word but unfortunately the sun was not kind to the laptop screen and I couldn't read a thing I needed to.

Let's talk commercials.  The kid in the crib with the pacifier when the dad came in and told him he wanted to take a sick day, and the pacifier came out of the mouth and the grump came out.  Then there's' the fairy princess who was interrupted by mom that needed a day  off as well, due to the cold.  Hey, I never in my life asked for a sick day; I just took them, usually on the floor under their crib, throwing Cheerios, or appropriately toddler foods in their crib for a good part of the day.  When they could walk and understand, I would walk them through making dinner for G.  That gave them a good base for the foodie's they are today.  I was such an innovator and didn't know it!!!!

Next up?  I need a new refrigerator at the new house .  I have a very funky Samsung with several doors and doors inside doors and I am too old for this shit.  I want a side by side; one side refrig and the other freezer.  The fancy schmanchie  one will go into the garage for beverages and ice cream confections.  The new refrigerator will happen this week.  That's a promise.  Come on over!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Can't come this week, I'm still up Nprth!

Robbie said...

We had 2 days of rain and fog so bad everyone (including us!) had their flashers on! The cars that didn't have lights on (who does that or I mean doesn't do that!!!!) you could not see when/if they passed you! It was scary to say the least. We still made it here Sunday afternoon but we were late getting to the hotel on Sunday to watch the Lions play (ok, that's not what they did, play that is!) and we even left @ 8 a.m.!!!
But arrived safe and sound...enjoy your winter. AT least it's better than up north..17 degrees today in Michigan! 55 here...and I could still walk the dog!

Robbie said...

I meant we arrived in Ocala on Monday...not that you care...just like the 'record' to be accurate!
Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

Gayle from MI said...

When did appliances become so difficult to use? I wanted very simple plain old one when I replaced mine and wound up at Lowes instead of the local place because they didn't make me feel like I was somehow going to put the world off it's axis if I didn't buy their $5000 fridge or give a crap about "resale value" of the color I wanted. Happy New Year!